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Health Project

Fruit Salad
Paw Paw | Health Benefits
Pineapple fruit| Healthy Benefits
Orange Fruits
Healthy eating|Water melon fruit
Fruits | Smoothy
Volunteer | Teams
Healthy eating | Pineapple |Fruit

Education Project

School Kids | Children
School children | students
Volunter teams | Books
School | kids | Book

Community Project

Team visiting commuities
Community visit
Clean |Drinking | Water

JOIN US to provide clean water to rural communities.

Volunters visiting commuities
Commuities visit
 community visit

Sport Project

Football | soccer | players
Football | soccer | players

Agriculture Project

Supporting maize farmers
Solar energy | Innovation
palm fruit
Sustaining Environment
Maize farm
Fashion | Enterprenuers
Fashion Designers
Technology | web Design | E-commerce
Fashion  Logo
Bio AI Solution logo


Networking with | Tech & Business Startups.

About Us|

Aku Gems Foundation is a nongovernmental organization.

We are focused on advocating for sustainable developments in communities by supporting the less privileged with the help of volunteers & partners.

What we do |

Community Help| SME Partnership| Social Network Advertising.

Contact Us |@

37 Moore House 500001. 

South East Nigeria.

E-mail |

Number | 08036807927